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What will we catch? The reef area off Swansea boasts a variety of seasonal species .Everything from Jews,Trag and Snapper through to Pigfish,Nanygai and Tilefish. Tailor Salmon Tuna Bonito Dolphinfish all show up at some stage.

We gave up on "when is the best time to fish" many seasons ago when the weather was absolutely beautiful, 35 degree days and the water was ice. What we can promise is the best day fishing possible , with all the variables( conditions, current, wind , forecast and of course what has been happening prior to your charter)

CAN WE DRINK?. Yes within limits. No person can be affected by alcohol or drugs and board the vessel. If someone becomes intoxicated whilst on board we will cancel the charter (with due warning) and all fees will be forfeited.  

Evening charters are DRY BOAT. No alcohol/no drugs /no exceptions.(Dry Boat policy for night charters no exceptions, no excuses. If any passenger is affected by alcohol or drugs they will not be allowed on board. Any deposit fee will be forfeited and the balance will be payable by the rest of the group or the charter will not leave.)

What if we are Blown Out ? Refund or Rebook.( no cancel discount options are available). If a charter is shortened due to weather, a pro rata rate will be charged.

What If It Rains? We have a full length roof canopy. If it is cold, wet, miserable and uncomfortable we may cancel on the water.A pro rata fee is then charged.

Forecasts??? are wrong so often that we would be out of business if we relied on them. We assess each charter in conjunction with forecasts and track current weather from coastal stations. Our Decision on safety is based on many factors. We have a safety first policy,and pride ourselves on being incident free since the business was established in 1996.

What should I Bring? Hat, sunscreen ,jacket,Sunglasses . We supply everything to do with fishing ,some charters are catered.Tea Coffee and water are all available on board. If you have your own rod you are welcome to bring it.Make sure you have an esky in your car for the fish.

Sea Sickness: Over the years you get to hear and see a huge variety of ideas regarding what works. Im not a chemist but the only remedy that we see work is to take a medicated motion sickness pill before boarding (as directed). Natural things dont work. If you think ginger tastes foul going down, it tastes worse coming up. Check with your chemist for what will suit you. We had a guy ask if he could jump overboard,to cure his sea sickness, as this usually worked for him. We were 14km out to sea and I of course said NO (not that distance would ever come into it).Within 5 minutes a white shark of at least 4.5 mtrs in length circled and cruised around us, perhaps thinking we were a whale with a cub and possibly an easy feed. Sometimes we get things right. Incidently there were 2 whites together and while wonderful to see, we all knew how close to changing our lives they had come.

Do we keep our fish? Yes. We have a 'Keep your best divide the rest policy'.That way everyone can take a feed home. Unless of course there is a competition on.


DEPOSIT ?    Like all businesses we need security to operate succesfully. We ask for a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your booking. (A smaller fee may be charged to allow time to collect from others)

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