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Covid Safety Changes Policy

Our Covid Policy and our new Charter pricing format will let us operate safely , ensuring safety for all.

We will ask you prior to taking your booking whether you have read and agree to this policy.

Double vaxxed and QR coding is now a requirement to board our boats. No Exeptions , no excuses. 

Reduced group numbers across the board.

No entry into the cabin area. Our deck is fully covered. 

Glen 20 Spray supplied and to be used at every toilet break.

MASKS. Our crew will be wearing masks when in close contact with you, we expect you  also to put your mask on for close contact. (ie netting fish, re rigging etc)

Singles Charters are now restricted to 8 person Maximum.(See Boats /Prices)

Cancellation Policy. Weather as always is either a reschedule or a refund. All other cancellations are RESCHEDULE options only. 

Our new boat rates are for 8 people for your group charter numbers. Extras can be taken, plenty of notice must be given so that extra steps can be taken for that day. Surcharge per person will apply.

We have operated now for 25 yrs , and have seen many changes , lets hope that these conditions and improvements will make it safer for us all.

Thank You All, Stay safe , Brett and Brad

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