b & l fishing cruises and charters
B & L Fishing Charters and Cruises

BL Fishing whale watching tours

whale watching tours

B and L Fishing and Cruises PTY LTD    3hrs $60pp         2hrs $40pp

This photo was taken on one of our Whale watching cruises. Note the white water of another whale just under the  flipper. Our whale watching cruises are available from June through till November when the Whales return often showing off  with their new calves. We offer group and single person charters but due to the nature of these giants cant predict when they will be here off Caves. Please stay in touch with our website and as soon as they arrive we will let everyone know via the latest news column. We will be offering exceptional value and hope to see you onboard. (Trips  usually  incorporate the Moon Island and Caves Beach Caverns, And are run in smooth to fair conditions  only.


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